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by Ibitoru Ibelema of PPL Group on November 03


A website is an important part of any business. Today’s market has become very competitive with an estimated number of entrepreneurs in the world to be 582 million(MARKINBLOG, 2020). In a competitive market as such, we have seen businesses reporting low profit and in some cases no profit at all. Most businesses also lack visibility, therefore limiting them from getting a good number of clients and in turn reducing profit. Thus the need for your business to stand out in the Global market.

You may ask, “what can make my business stand out?”. A very good question to ask. The answer is a website.

A dynamic website can give you all the visibility you need. This will increase the number of potential clients that come across your business on a daily basis. The good thing about this is that your business will be exposed to potential clients from all around the world. This is because your business will be visible on the World Wide Web. Features such as Search Engine Optimization, Domain name, SSL, Google analytics and so much more will enable your business stand out on the internet.


  1. A 24\7 online presence

Getting a website gives you a 24/7 online presence. Your potential clients will be able to make enquiries at any time and also get responses from the virtual customer service representative. Though this feature is not available in every website, depending on what you want. You can make your website easy to navigate so that your potential clients will easily understand all about your business and services and also place an order.

 2. Provides a quick and easy way of communicating information

Everything your potential clients need to know about your business will be on your website. All they need to do is go through it and check which of your product or service they will like. They can also easily place an order and make payments swiftly.

 3. It increases your visibility

Having a website increases your visibility as it will be accessible to everyone all over the world. Therefore having a website increases your client base and gives your business the opportunity to compete in the global market.

 4. Insight

Having a website gives you more insight on your clients. They can easily lay complaints there and you can also put a poll for them to fill on how they got to know about your business. With this you will know were majority of your clients got to know about your business from and how to improve on your marketing strategy.

The benefits of having a website are so many but these are a few.

I hope you found this interesting and enlightening. If you have made up your mind to get a website for your business, call 08130918302




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