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5 Best Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

Car theft is one of the major concerns of car owners in the country. Intriguingly, how many people lack the knowledge of the simple solution which is the installation of a car tracking device.


Basically, Car Trackers are improved Tech devices installed in cars to save lives and protect your Family and Friends. It is also beneficial in a situation like theft and also helps in fleet management providing information on the current location, directions, time, and speed of all vehicles being tracked.

Trackers come in various shapes, sizes, and prices, with many requiring a monthly data/ airtime subscription for their services.


List of Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria


  1. PPL Car Tracker

Because of its flexibility and affordability, the PPL Car Tracker is our pick for the best overall GPS tracking company. It is a Nigerian company operating Nationwide, focused on providing good services delivery, prompt response in the event of car theft, 24/7 customer support system, with excellent features such as Video Telematics, Fleet Management, Real-time tracking, Fuel monitoring, History check, Geofencing.


With Over years of experience in Tech security. PPL Car tracker is the best car-tracking company in Nigeria.

With visible offices in Lagos and Abuja, etc.  PPL’s broad spectrum of clients in all 36 states are confident of its proximity, these clienteles include Government parastatals, Banks, Insurance companies, etc.

If you own a vehicle and you are looking for an affordable and reliable provider of car tracking services in Nigeria. Then you need to contact PPL Car Tracker via Call WhatsApp @ 0704-759-000 0r 0813-091-8302. Facebook/Instagram @pplcloud, website



  1. Prelado Prisa LTD

Another car tracking company that provides fleet management services for cars where you can track each of the cars in your fleet.

Their tracking device is popular among many which include individuals and corporate organizations.

The company provides voice monitoring and speed limiters that meet the standards specified by FRSC and SON.


  1. Global Intel Nigeria LTD

When it comes to finding car tracking technologies, Global intel comes with the geo fence alert which tells you when your car leaves your preferential location.

These devices provide timely information on the location and state of your vehicles Via SMS. They also provide important information such as the speed of your vehicle as well as the fuel level.


  1. Viori Integrated Services

Viori Integrated Services provides a GPS tracking device that enables you to get the exact location of the car in real time. You can use your mobile phone or computer to access this information.

Overall, they supply a range of devices such as vehicle tracking systems, personal trackers, CCTV, and car rental systems.


  1. Bonny Digital Solutions LTD

Bonny Digital Solutions is one of the car tracking companies committed to reducing the incidence of car theft in the country through their stop engine via SMS.

Their online GPS system enables users to track their vehicles in real-time as monitor and manage their fleet irrespective of location.

Author: Jennifer from PPL

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