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PPLCloud Car tracking software provides fleet managers and company owners with extensive information about their drivers and vehicles, such as; real-time location, live tracking, route history, alerts & notifications, geo-fence zones, business mileage logging, and reports.

Vehicle & Fleet management systems can be tailored to suit businesses of any size, Whether you have 10 or 1000 vehicles, GPS tracking software can become an irreplaceable tool and allow fleet managers to make the necessary adjustments to improve their fleet operations and profitability. With the use of Alerts and instant notifications about important events, you will be notified for; speeding, geofence breaches, idling and more. Allowing you to increase the awareness of your fleet drivers, and lower your expenses.

ppl satellite car tracker mobile device

PPL Satellite Asset Tracker

Our Devices are small, satellite-based asset trackers, ideal for tracking and locating assets in the most remote areas, even in the middle of the ocean. Instead of the GSM cell tower network, Our Device utilizes Globalsat Satellite Network to transmit its location to our servers, allowing the tracking device to be connected even on top of a mountain or in the middle of the ocean. it is ideal for tracing and locating; containers, assets, boats, and overseas cargo.


Our cloud-based GPS car tracking software is engineered to meet the highest demands of individual users, small businesses to enterprise-level fleets without compromising ease of use. Tracking the location of our trackers takes only a few minutes to set up and it can easily be used by an inexperienced individual because it does not require any wiring or complicated installation.

Our free mobile App allows you to view the real-time location on your IOS & Android-compatible smartphone or tablet. The location of your trackers on the map is refreshed automatically each time the tracking device sends a position update to our cloud-based tracking software GPSLive.

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Voice Monitoring

This feature allows you to discretely hear voice conversations in the vehicle.

Tracking Via Mobile App

With this feature you can monitor your car/fleet comfortably with your mobile phone on Android & IOS.

Tracking Via Mobile App

With this feature you can monitor your car/fleet comfortably with your mobile phone on Android & IOS.

gps car tracker spy cameras

Spy Camera

With this feature, you can see live activities on-going in your vehicle.

gps car tracker fleet management services in nigeria

Fleet Management

View, monitor, and manage all your vehicles on one platform.

gps car tracker features geo fencing

Geo Fencing

Geo-Fencing means restricting the movement or setting boundaries for your car/fleet to certain locations, of which you get notified on attempts to cross set boundaries.

Stop Engine

This is a power control technical feature that enable you to kill the engine of the tracked car; even when in motion.

gps car tracker features

Real Time Tracking

Monitor the movement of your vehicle(s) in real-time; this feature gives you a live display of the locations of your vehicles while in motion.

gps car tracking company 12 months warranty

12 Months Warranty

Our car tracking platform also features free update/upgrade and maintenance for 1 year.

Speed Alert

The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

gps car tracker company router history

Route / History Check

View and replay the precise routes driven by your vehicle, recorded for the past 1 year.

car tracking geofencing


A geo-fence is a virtual border that you can manually set up. When your vehicle crosses that border, you are instantly notified.

gps car tracker idle vehicle features

Excessive Idling

Reduce Fuel costs and save money by addressing excessive vehicle idling issues through automated alerts and reports.

gps car tracker tamper protection features

Anti -Temper Alert

Get notified instantly if the tracker has been unplugged or has regained power after it has been plugged back in.

Ignition Status

Monitor your vehicle’s ignition status at all times.


Backup Battery

The backup battery provides power for up to 8 hours after the tracker has been unplugged.

How It Works

The backup battery provides power for up to 8 hours after the tracker has been unplugged.



PPL Procloud is dedicated to providing our customers with the most reliable GPS Tracking service possible

Advance Plan
Self Tracking✔
Personal Vehicles✔
Mobile Tracking✔
Tracking Via App✔
Web/PC Tracking✔
Location With Map✔
Voice Monitoring✔
SMS Engine Control✔
GEO Fencing✔
Over-Speed Alert✔
24/7 Support✔
History Record✔
12 Month Warranty✔
Real Time Tracking✔
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Self Tracking✔
Business Vehicles✔
Mobile Tracking✔
Tracking Via App✔
Over-Speed Alert✔
Location With Map✔
Voice Monitoring✔
SMS Engine Control✔
GEO Fencing✔
Unlimited Online Platform✔
Real Time Tracking✔
Free Update/Upgrade✔
24/7 Support✔
Fleet Management✔
1 Year History Record✔
One-Time Payment✔
12 Months Warranty✔
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Premium+ Plan Price Available On Request
On Request
Business Vehicles✔
Driver Behaviour✔
Accident Rollover✔
Harsh Event Detection✔
Vehicle Speed Monitor by GPS✔
Video Camera✔
Speed Limiter✔
Panic/Duress And In-Vehicle✔
Event Monitoring✔
Driver Fatigue Monitoring✔
Out-of-Coverage Location Report✔
GPS Vehicle Tracking, History Location Report✔
Alarm Report✔
Real Time Video Monitoring✔
Engine Cut/Resumes Via GPS Platform Remotely✔
Support DMS Camera for Driver Management✔
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