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A GPS tracker is installed and concealed in your vehicle. Configurations are made to connect to our LIVE-TRACKserver where you will have access (with username and password) to login and monitor your vehicle in real time seeing live location of your car displayed on a digital map with other useful information.

Click on any of our services on the top menu section and place an order on any product/service of your choice. We will then schedule an installation at your location or our office depending on your choice.

Installation takes about one hour or less.

Yes. All our products comes with 12 months warranty covering factory defects and system failure. In the event of system failure within the warranty period, we will replace the device at no cost to the client.

Our tracking portal can be accessed on any PC, Tablet or Mobile device with a browser and an internet connection. We also have a mobile app for android devices.

The cost and features of all our products can be found on the top menu section, then you can click on any service of your choice.

Yes, depending on your package. GPS tracking devices uses internet data via GSM networks to transmit data to our server. We take care of this. There are other administrative costs we include to keep the service running. Hence, the need for subscription charges.

No. Cost of data is covered in our plans.

Payment can be made via online transfer at the point of making an order or immediately after installations.

Yes. Olive Track gives 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of installation on the terms stated in our return policy.

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