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Installation and configuration CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Private and Public property security and Home/Office
monitoring devices.


Know what goes on in your house when you are away…


Protect office properties and monitor staff activities…


Keep an eye on all your stock and items belonging to clients.


Stop theft in shopping malls and monitor sales.

Our CCTV Surveillance Advance Features


WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range, is a technology used on video cameras to compensate problems with light exposure. It can work on the dark and bright areas on the image and create a balance to improve the overall image quality.


Tamper detection allows your camera to alert you when its ability to record has been impacted. Especially helpful for locations where the camera may be physically attacked or the camera can be blocked, the automatic alerts will keep you connected to your system even when you’re not there to monitor the feed in person.


PTZ reflects the movement options of the camera. PTZ Security Cameras allow you to control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of the camera lens remotely or through a surveillance DVR or Geovision DVR PC. PTZ Cameras have the ability to move up, down, right, left, and even zoom.


A POE camera stands for a power over Ethernet camera. POE is a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power. When you have a security camera is POE-enabled, only the network connection needs to be made, as it will receive its electrical power from this cable as well.Power over Ethernet is going to simply reduce the number of cables required in order to connect a POE camera.

What We Offer

Our CCTV security system is essential for any type of business or public organization. Therefore it’s vital to select the right camera for the right location and application.

We supply and install security products to the government, businesses, and home owners alike of all shapes and sizes.

All of our systems come fully equipped to handle all of your remote viewing needs. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet or 3G/4G connection, you’ll be able to view your video feed at any time you want. Additionally, we provide our customers with a full list of readily available options for viewing; whether you prefer to use your computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

Our technical support is unparalleled. It’s one thing to say it but another thing to mean it. For as many years as we’ve been in the business, we have yet to come across anyone else who spends as much time with their customers as we do. You don’t need to have an expert knowledge of CCTV systems, just a helpful and willing support staff that’s more than happy to assist you with anything you may need.

We Build Confidence

There are lots of CCTV cameras to choose from on the market today, with many different features and options, resulting in a confusing array of various types, styles, and configurations. But we give you just the best and most appropriate installation for your home or office setting.

All our items are marked at unbeatable low prices so you don’t have to waste time hunting for coupons for gimmicky discounts. We don’t believe in overcharging and pushing customers with deceptive sales tactics, i.e. Buy now before your 20% coupon expires! We have a huge stock of cameras and CCTV camera equipment to meet your needs.

Please browse through our price chart to find what best suits your needs! We have security cameras and systems to fit all budgets, for the home, small business, law enforcement, or factory.

A new CCTV security system can enhance the way you do business. You can view your surveillance video remotely from a PC, cell phone, or tablet. This enables you to monitor your business anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. Record live video from a DVR system with up to 64 terabytes of storage capacity. Playback footage conveniently from time and date, or filter for detected motion events.

Surveillance camera systems enable you to deter theft and reduce shrinkage. Ninety percent of theft is internal; see what goes on that you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Ensure that your operational and safety procedures are being followed and review any accidents that occur. Afford yourself the peace of mind and pragmatic benefits of protecting your assets and employees.

From single CCTV camera operations to those in need of complete 64 channel systems, we have the right IP or CCTV security system for your home or business. Our systems are highly customizable for a variety of camera and monitor configurations. Select a cost-effective security system that is appropriate for the coverage that you need.

Cutting-edge developments in CCTV camera and recording technology enable your surveillance camera systems to reliably operate in a variety of demanding conditions. A commercial-grade CCTV security system with top specifications will stay relevant for years of quality security protection. CCTV feature:


  • Remote Mobile Viewing
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
  • Night Vision in Total Darkness
  • Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)
  • Up to 64 Terabytes of Video Storage
  • Weatherproof Casings


Standard Package
4-Cameras AHD✔
4-Channel DVR ✔
1 Roll of Cable ✔
8 Connectors ✔
5-Port Power DB✔
4 Faceplate✔
4-Length Trunking Pipe✔
VGA Cable✔
Online Configuration✔
Delivery time- 24 hours✔
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Standard Pro Package
4-Cameras IP✔
4-Channel NVR✔
1 Roll of Cat-6 Cable✔
Network Switch✔
Power DB✔
4-face plate✔
4 trunking pipe✔
VGA Cable✔
Online Configuration✔
Delivery time- 24 hours✔
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Advance Package
8-Cameras AHD✔
8-Channel DVR✔
1-2 Roll of Cable✔
16 Connectors✔
9-Port Power DB✔
8-Length Trunking pipe✔
VGA Cable✔
Online Configuration✔
Delivery time- 48 hours✔
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Advance Pro Package
8-Cameras IP✔
8-Channel NVR✔
1-2 Roll of Cat-6 Cable✔
8-Channel Network Switch✔
Power DB✔
8-Trunking Pipe✔
VGA Cable✔
Online Configuration✔
Delivery time- 24 hours✔
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We are the best in Abuja and all over Nigeria when it comes to CCTV Surveillance Camera installation for Homes, Offices, Business Complexes, Hotels, and other Public Facilities. CONTACT US TODAY TO GET INSTALLED… We help you keep active eyes on EVERYTHING, even when you are not physically there!

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