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How To Start A Car Tracking Business & Earn N150,000-N250,000.00 Monthly

 by Rex Banigo of PPL Car tracking Company: 13:02 pm On September 22
As the saying goes, information is power, Car tracking business can actually empower you for life But Only a Few People Knows About It
You stand the chance to earn an average of  150-250k Monthly from a car tracking business, Hear this, every single day, you’ll hear news of car theft, now that’s to tell you that there’s a market for you even in your location. Following the  Current Rate Of Insecurities In Nigeria, People Are Looking For Ways To Secure Not Only Their Lives But Also Their Beloved Properties Houses, And Cars). At Least, If You Can’t Save Their Houses, You Can Be The Messiah They Need To Secure Their Cars And get paid for a job well done.
Am A Final Year Student At the University of Uyo, And I Got Into the Car Tracking Business During My final year After My friend’s “Dream Car” Was Stolen in Akwa Ibom state while going out to have a nice time?

All Effort To Find It Proved Abortive, And Police Couldn’t Do Anything.

Yearly, About 2 Million Cars Are Stolen Worldwide, And About 10800 In Nigeria, While Only About 20% Are Ever Recovered. And my friend’s Car Happened To Be One Of Those That Were Never Recovered. Hence I had to venture into car tracking training.
So Far I’ve Done Over 4000 Installations, And Recovered several Stolen Cars. I have also generated massive income from this business so far. Hence,  Let’s Get Into Business


Car tracking business Involves the installation of GPS tracking devices and Monitoring of The Location Of A Truck, Car, Or Any Moving Vehicle Using The Gps System. Widely Deployed To Keep Track Of Truck Fleets, Vehicle Tracking Ensures That The Vehicles Are Being Used Properly And That They Can Be Recovered In The Event They Are Stolen. In clear Terms, It Simply Means You Put GPS Trackers In undisclosed locations In clients’ Cars And The Owners Can Control And Monitor The Location Of The Cars From Their Phone Or Computer.


Our Target market/ Customers Are The Everyday People Who Want To Keep Their Cars Safe From Being Stolen Or Hijacked (Remember My Uncle’s Dream Car That Was Stolen?). Your Customers Are
  • Government Organizations,
  • Transport Companies,
  • Logistic Companies,
  • Banks,
  • Schools,
  • And Other Big Corporations (These Ones Have A Lot Of Cars Which They’ll Give To You As A Contract).

HOW MAKE N150,000 to N250,000 A MONTHLY?

Very simple, now let me walk you through


You’re Paid over To #50,000 (  For Installing A Car Tracker In One Car For less than 1 Hour.


Let’s Do The Math;


50k For One Installation, for 6 cars in a month


Which is 6 cars (Monthly) X 50,000 per installation = N300,000.00 Monthly


Hence, Imagine What That Extra Cash From Installing Trackers Would Do For You…


Now let me shock you!

  • You don’t need much experience or a school certificate to be able to this
  • Or Any Technical Or Computer Skills…
  • Participant Only Need to attend PPL Car tracking training either virtual or physical
  • Get some affordable tools
  • Make up your mind to increase your Finances.


Presently am making a mega income from this car tracking business and you too can do the same thing


Obviously Car Tracking Installation Business Is A Hot Cake And Many People Would Pay You Huge Money For It.


Another Amazing Thing About Tracker Installation Is:

  • You Can Decide To Work Only On Weekends Or In Your Spare Time And Still Make More Than 200k Every Month.
  • You Don’t Need Any Pre-Engineering Knowledge
  • You Don’t Even Need Any Pre Technical Knowledge
  • You Don’t Need To Know Anything About Cars
  • You Don’t Even Need To Know How To Drive A Car
  • Or Even A University Degree, Or Any School Certificate At That.


The Funny Thing Is That There Are Only A Few Tracker Installers In The Country. People Overlook This ‘on-a-regular’ Money Printing Business And Keep Chasing After Businesses That Are Over Saturated {Everybody Is Doing The Same Thing} That Are Not Even In High Demand.


The Final part

We Have Made Everything So Easy For You, By Creating A Step-by-step Car Tracker Online Mentorship Program. That Reveals Exactly How Anybody, Even A Grandpa Can Start To Profit 200k+ Monthly Installing Car Trackers

  1. How To Install Trackers In The Car
  2. The Simple Tools You Need To Start This Business
  3. Where To Buy These Trackers For Cheap And Sell For High Profit
  4. Where And How To Find And Attract High Paying Customers


Presently, We’ve Trained Over 200 People From Different States In Nigeria Who are Now Doing Extremely Well.


Want To Start Making Money Too?

To Learn More And Access This Life-Changing Training


Call / WhatsApp +2349075194388

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