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GPS Car Tracking Training Payment Registration


This training is designed for individuals /companies interested in starting a profitable vehicle tracking business, involved in logistics management and fleet management services, the training will also prepare the participants to advance their careers in logistics and supply chain management.

April 10th, 2023

Accommodation available for those coming from outside Lagos, N4000 daily


Scope of Training:

  • After the training, participants would be able to Assemble and install a GPS tracking device on cars, trucks, tricycles, and motorbikes.
  • Participants would be able to Configure the GPS tracker for online tracking and fleet management.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve installation-based issues.
  • Participants would be able to register and configure GPS tracking devices on the web platform.
  • Understand best tamper-proof designs that will wade-off driver/external sabotage.
  • Participants would also be able to Configure the device on mobile phones and PC (back-end tracking).
  • Participants would also be able to track assets (vehicles) on a real-time/online tracking platform.
  • Resolve issues that may arise while managing back-end tracking servers.
  • Understand and utilize Tracking MAPS for real-time tracking.
  • Deploy the various features of the online tracking portal for fleet management of vehicles and personnel.
  • Initiate location and recovery modalities in event of theft, emergency, or kidnapping.
  • Participants will qualify to acquire the device at wholesale price for their business.

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