PROCLOUD PROSTARS LTD (PPL) is an Information Technology Company with core competence in GPS Car Tracking, CCTV Surveillance systems, Website/ Mobile App Development, Software Deployment, Electronic Data Management and cloud computing / File Tracking Systems, Access Control, Smart Home Automation Systems, GPS Drone Deployment, Training and Consultancy Services and our track records speak volumes.

We are daily driven to keep our promise, increase our land bank, and expand our clientele by offering excellent services and affordable housing products with a singular mission to exceed the expectations of our clients.
To be the leading Pan-African real estate development company that will provide the highest number of Decent, Accessible, Comfortable and Affordable houses while achieving Global Housing Standard.
At Prelado Prisa Ltd we are honest, diligent and trustworthy with the objective of always satisfying our clients; by offering innovative, excellent, quality, professional, diligent and dedicated services to their satisfaction.

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We are constantly evolving with technology and doing an in-depth research so we can provide our clients with a range of services and possibilities in Satellite Vehicle Tracking, CCTV cameras, Electric Fence and Access control. We track and recover stolen vehicles for both individual owners and corporate organization in the logistics sector, Oil & Gas, Banks, and Multinational etc.

GPS Car Tracking
We are not just experts but the best and most reliable Vehicle tracking company you can find in Nigeria. With a high clientele base of both organizations and individuals across the country, giving them total control of their private car(s) or commercial fleet. Read More
No need to call your driver to find out where he is, you simply log on and see your vehicle's exact location at the comfort of your home or office. Also, you can playback history of your vehicle and see where it has been throughout the day or week. You can also playback to a particular date and time and see where your vehicle was. We provide you prompt and effective service when you need it most, wouldn’t you Call us now?
Whether it is Fleet management, Car track option or our other Expert Services you choose, we will provide you with service and asset protection second to none in the Nation. With this device, a car owner can stay in his home/office and monitor the vehicle online on a computer screen or with GPRS enabled phone. All you need is an internet-ready computer with which to log on into our website using your username and password and see all your vehicles moving live on the screen with relation to the street/road location, heading/direction and journey speed.


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